Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Since I am a newbie at blogging, I forgot to describe the cards I just posted. Hopefully, I will improve with time and give a few details about each card.

I will try and post a few cards each week. I participate in a few weekly challenges, so I will try to post my offerings here as well.

I follow several blogs and find inspiration in all of them, so I hope something in my blog sparks your creativity or puts a smile on your face.

The kitty pictured is one of our two cats.....Mugsy and Xeena. This picture looks like our Xeena. They are rescues from the Humane Society and are 10 years old. We love them dearly. Our two human children are grown and living in New Hampshire and Maryland. We have three grandbabies and six grand-furbabies. We love all of them dearly too !

Visit when you can and leave a comment if you wish.


  1. Hi Pam!!! Welcome to the world of blogging!!

  2. This is all new to me. All I can say is that I just love GETTING the cards!



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