Sunday, June 7, 2009

fathers day

i just found out our son and his wife and 3 kids are coming from MD to visit us on fathers' day weekend ! it will be their first visit to our new NC home.

so....i made a fathers day card for DH and will do another for DS too.

this is a spinner card.....thought the owl was sort of a dad is. on the inside i stamped "happy fathers day"....

i find that you have to play with the spinners to make sure they work, so it will be neat to hand it to our son instead of risking it getting smooshed in the mail....maybe i'll make his a spinning froggie ! he used to collect frogs....not real ones....and his frat in college had frogs somewhere in their wacky charter.....i think they had to eat small ones during pledge week. how barbaric. thank goodness he survived my day we just studied.....but my BSN is now 41 years old. times have changed !!

i'll post the froggie card when done.....

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  1. Yes and the owl fits you too. Very wise to give in person. Glad your family are getting down for some time.


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