Tuesday, December 22, 2009

new year cards 2010

since i am card making withdrawal....i decided to pop out a few new year cards. this one is done for this week's challenge on southerbreezes.com.

using a calendar......our local insurance agency sends us a little desk calendar each year.....wish i had a ton of them. perhaps i can create my own .... will investigate further.

i used gold and silver cord, cardstock from PTI and a christmas stack purchased at Michaels this year.....a star button and a homemade envie with a belly band.

the 4 1/4 envies are very easy to make using my scorpal....lets me use some of the stack papers that just arent fancy enough for cards, but work fine as envies. when i mail the small square cards, i put them in a regular A2 envie to save postage costs....that way it is only a regular stamp, square cards cost a bit more....and tiny ones can get lost easily. this envie is made from same cardstock used on the card....but regular scrapbook paper works just fine too.

this one will be hand delivered, so the fat button wont cause problems.


  1. Greta looking calendar and envelope. I am glad you are enjoying your Scor-pal. Merry Christmas, Diana Crick

  2. You do such beautiful work!


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