Wednesday, March 24, 2010

our little kitten

we nursed this little the vet several times, he was just getting stronger and somehow he ran out of our home this morning.  neither my husband or I saw him get out......but when we looked for him....he was nowhere to be found in the house so he must have.  we are very sad....very sad.

please keep Lovey in your thoughts......he is only 3 lbs and has never been outside.
this is his most recent picture.....he is just a baby.
we are devastated. he was helping me take pix of my recent creations.....


  1. Pam I am so sorry, I hope by the time you read this you have found him. He is such a cutie.

  2. I'm so sorry Pam. Please let us know if you find him. It's one of my biggest fears that one of our furry people will get out and be lost.

  3. You are living through one of my worst fears for our fuzzybutts. I really hope he comes home soon, unharmed. Please keep us up to date.


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