Sunday, September 4, 2011

fall table topper

i used fall-y fabric....and the D9P pattern....

what's really cute?....the punkin.  

  • take a cheap (or not cheap) roll of TP
  • wrap batting around it
  • place in the middle of a fat quarter
  • stuff the fabric in the TP hole....embracing the pleats....and making them sort of even
  • i had some corrugated packing (i save all sorts of things) and i rolled a bit of it for the stem (cant see it) and put that in the TP could roll up cardstock  and wrap in brown raffia....lots of ways to do this
  • decorated it with fall stuff...raffia, silk leaves, little fall picks i have had for years
  •  it's re-usable and light weight for mailing .....
DD is going to get this in the mail as a surprise !!  

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