Thursday, August 13, 2009


just got this neat set from called "everyday button bits". you stamp the stems, strings, and other basics shapes and then add buttons or felt circles or even paper circles to finish.

i discovered there is a amazing amount of interesting buttons to be had. i spent quite a time in the button section of my local fabric store ! i also have a box of buttons collected over the years....shankless buttons work the best, but if you are careful you can snip the shanks off.

the set has many sentiments in addition to the basic shapes....they include a bicycle, regular balloons, flowers, chicks, trees and more ...... really nice set.

for my hot air balloons i found the perfect larger button for the main balloon and then used plain ones for the other two. the paper is from a debbie mumm stack....clouds seemd perfect for this project. sentiment: "soaring by to say HI".

new camera, so i need to practice more....not getting details as sharp as i want.


  1. Oh this is beautiful, Your choice of buttons are grand. Makes me think of the Balloon Rally they have in Statesville in September.


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