Thursday, August 13, 2009

kit card had a challenge this use an old kit (or old papers) to make a card. i immediately remembered a kit i had purchased several years ago and amazingly, i was able to locate it (after two moves, that in itself was a challenge).

for this card i cut circles out of chip board and glued a thin layer of foam to each piece. i had really pretty handmade paper (a gift from a friend ) so it was perfect. wrapping the paper around the shapes was another challenge !!

i punched a hole in the centers and added large gold brads to each flower. i used a strip of the paper to make a vertical element....

for the flower stems i twisted strips of the handmade paper and tied a bow to anchor them to the background CS. whew. i think the next time i will use a lightweight fabric.

the kit has several shapes....a pear, a heart and a kimono. you were supposed to use washi paper to cover the shapes, but the kit didnt come with that and i was not able to locate the washi paper (which i had more than likely bought along with the kit).

the challenge was fun and it did make me use a kit that had been languishing in my craft closet for a long long time...lots of effort so i dont know how many more i will try. i think that fabric would lend itself better to the project though.

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